June 30

Performance Night

Performance Night

Performance Night is a night when our school goes to Influencers and presents songs and choreography by each class. This year the 5/6 girls and boys were spilt up (it was a great idea!).

The girls did 3 songs, 

1 – Singing In The Rain (By Gene Kelley) 

2 – Annie, Its The Hard Knock Life (By John Huston)

3 – A Chorus Line, One (broadway show)

For Annie I wore a red, white and black skirt a peach top and a prop was a tea towel ’cause I wiped the floor! For Singing In The Rain we just wore a rain coat over our Annie costumes. For A Chorus Line I wore black leggings, the peach top and a yellow sparkly hat!

My favourite performance was the teachers one.  They did Can’t Stop The Music. There were police hats, builder hats and a tekkie hat.

Overall I really enjoyed the night and i can’t wait to do it again!  From Jessica

June 17

Growth Mindset Day

Growth Mindset Day!

On Thursday the 9th of June 2016 the 5,6 and 7s had a Growth Mindset Day. It included juggling, Art ( motivational quotes relatable to the day ), food, sign language learning and technology! It was a fun day to enjoy, and here are some things we did!

First we were divided into 4 groups, there were the Wallabies, Emus, Koalas and Kangaroos! I was in the Kangaroos with 3 other girls in my class. The first activity started at 9:00 which was with Mr Colagrossi (senior) and he taught us the alphabet in sign language within like 5-10 mins. After that he taught us a game which was called Quick Sand (I think).  It was fun and it was a team building exercise!

After that a really nice lady named Jo Blesing came in to talk about the difficulties in her life and how she solved her life’s problems. She has MS (Multiple Sclerosis) and she is an amazing person even now she is! She’s a BIG inspiration.

After Recess we had our second activity which was with Mr Colagrossi (junior) and we made a song on Garage Band. I was partners with Chloe and well let’s just say our song didn’t really work out.

Then we had a shared lunch. It was good and there was lots of food. I liked it. (LOL)

After lunch we had art with Mr March. We did our quotes on a canvas, and I was really happy with it. Here’s my quote, “Stop saying I wish.  Start saying I will”.

Then we had juggling with Mr Pastro, It was a fun learning experience. So far I can juggle 2 balls but I’m still practicing. Go check out the juggling video at Mr Pastros Blog.

The day was fun and a really good learning experience!

From Jessica xoxo