June 30

Performance Night

Performance Night

Performance Night is a night when our school goes to Influencers and presents songs and choreography by each class. This year the 5/6 girls and boys were spilt up (it was a great idea!).

The girls did 3 songs, 

1 – Singing In The Rain (By Gene Kelley) 

2 – Annie, Its The Hard Knock Life (By John Huston)

3 – A Chorus Line, One (broadway show)

For Annie I wore a red, white and black skirt a peach top and a prop was a tea towel ’cause I wiped the floor! For Singing In The Rain we just wore a rain coat over our Annie costumes. For A Chorus Line I wore black leggings, the peach top and a yellow sparkly hat!

My favourite performance was the teachers one.  They did Can’t Stop The Music. There were police hats, builder hats and a tekkie hat.

Overall I really enjoyed the night and i can’t wait to do it again!  From Jessica

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3 thoughts on “Performance Night

  1. mpastro

    Great reflection Jessica. Some good thoughts made. Good work with editing. Watch what you capitalise, particularly the letter “I”. Had to fix a couple of these.

  2. Lateysha

    Hi Jessica my name is Lateysha. I’m your penpal from mr OTooles class
    I really enjoyed this post its one of the best I have ever seen . It was very interesting and You described the outfits perfectly. You are a great blogger . I liked how you said what you thought in the post . Thanks for checking out my blog you sent a very nice comment .
    From Lateysha

    1. jessica56ma (Post author)

      Hey Lateysha,

      Thanks so much for the reply, I really appreciate every comment I get and I was especially excited to see you had commented on my blog! Thankyou so much!

      From Jessica <3


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