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Harry Potter!

Hello, I’m Jessica. I started reading Harry Potter around the start of Term 2, and after the first one, I fell in love with the series and I would read them whenever I could like in the library, in class or even at home for fun! So this post is about why you should read Harry Potter. Also there are SPOILERS!

So Harry Potter is basically about a boy whose and parents are wizards, so therefore since he is their child he is also a wizard. But it was dark times when Harry was a baby and there was a Dark Lord, recruiting anyone he could, to the dark side. His name was VolVol-, I’m sorry, usually we don’t speak of his name and when I do, people shudder at the sound of me saying it, but, here I go. Voldemort! There I said it but usually people say He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, But I must be brave for my readers! Anyway, so Harry‘s mum was muggle ( non magic folk ) born and so she had a sister who was a muggle as well, and her sister thought she was a freak. So, back to the point, one night VolVoldemort went to Godrics Hollow ( Where the Potters lived ) and threatened Lily and James ( Harry‘s mum and dad ) to kill them and Harry if they didn’t come to the dark side. But they said no, so he started saying curses at them and Harry‘s parents put up quite a fight though. Fist Harry‘s dad, James, died while Lily was protecting Harry but Lily died as well. But when Vol-Vol-Voldemort went up to Harry and tried to kill him, his mother’s love was so strong the curse rebounded on He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and Harry Potter, became the boy who lived.

So I think you should at least try to read Harry Potter and live with the magic, ’cause reading the book is like watching a movie, or being in your own world where magic can fix every thing! I’ve already finished the Harry Potter series but I’m now reading Quittidtch through the ages, and have read, The Tales Of Beedle The Bard. I would like to thank J.K Rowling for writing the books and Thank you for reading!

By Jessica xoxo <3  

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4 thoughts on “Reading Post

  1. mpastro

    Hi Jessica,

    I loved reading your post about Harry Potter. I could certainly feel the excitement you have about the series. Isn’t it great when books can do this to us? I have also read the Tales of Beedle the Bard. I tried the new book but couldn’t get into the play format. It was too distracting from the story for me.

    Mr Pastro

  2. Pyae Phyo

    Hello Jessica,

    I liked how you clearly showed your enthusiasm in this post. I had also read all of the books in the series. Isn’t it sad that such a fine series should end? But luckily, there is a new book added to the series! Its called “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”! have you read it? If not I would be happy to send you the PDF file of it!

    1. jessica

      Hello Pyae,

      Yeah, I know of the book Harry Potter and the cursed child cause I actually own it. If you read this reply please send me your blog link so I can comment on your blog!


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